Questionnaires & Downloads

To help streamline the process of background investigations and to utilize the technology available to us, we have designed these web based questionnaires below.  Your answers are protected by law and confidential.  We thank you for your assistance. If you would rather complete the questionnaire by hand, please let us know and we will send you a MS Word document to print and then mail or fax back to us. Send an e-mail to

We encourage you to enhance your answers to the fullest. The webpage will not time out.  Yes/No answers do not provide the in-depth information we need in most cases.  Your time is appreciated.  Please take all of the time you need.

Click on the link below that best matches your relationship with the applicant.  What came first?  Co-worker and then a friend, use the Co-worker questionnaire.  If your a former relative,  use the Personal Reference questionnaire. 


Specializing In Public Safety Background Investigations