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Coley Heath Investigations (CHI) conducts three tiers of background investigations, including public safety backgrounds with the use of the latest technology.  Our high-tech approach includes online questionnaires with IP address tracking, recorded video conference interviews for out of the area applicant's, POBITS background tracking database software and green solutions such as your choice of a paperless electronic report.  These reports allow CHI clients to simultaneously review confidential background investigative material, which can be stored on your agency server, saving paper, space and time.  A key objective at CHI is to maintain effective communication and to work together with our clients to insure successful hiring selections for your department. 

Tier I- Law Enforcement  - USC 1031 and CCR, Title 11, Section 9053.

P.O.S.T. Mandated Background Investigations - Using advanced technology allows for a faster completion time of approximately 30 days and a report that is sophisticated, informative and comprehensive. 

Police Managers             Deputy Sheriff                 Laterals Applicants 

Chief of Police                Deputy Police Chief         Police Officer Cadets

Tier II – Dispatcher - Penal Code section 13510 (c) and CCR, Title 11, section 9059

Public Safety Dispatcher background investigations are conducted using the P.O.S.T. mandates.  Per the policy of many Police and Fire Departments CHI uses the same criterion to conduct investigations of the following public safety positions: 

Dispatchers                      Firefighter/Paramedic          Crime analysts 

Parking Enforcement        Police Service Officers         Records Clerks

Tier III- Public Safety Internal Support Staff 

Many departments request non-mandated background investigations for the listed staff positions who have access to law enforcement staff and offices.  These background investigations take approximately five working days and cover a limited scope of investigation to include accuracy of the employment application, education degrees and certifications required for the position applied. 

Auxiliary Personnel         PAL Volunteers                      

Janitorial Staff                 DARE Volunteers                                      

Please contact us by phone, e-mail or simply click on the contact tab at the top of this page.  Through the years, Anita "Coley" Heath has developed mutually beneficial professional relationships with the law enforcement agencies in the central coast tri-county area.  A key objective at CHI is to continue to serve these agencies with the highest degree of professionalism and enthusiasm.  We thank you for your business and look forward to talking to you soon.

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